At Encalm Spa, we understand that every traveller is unique, and our diverse selection of services reflects our commitment to provide a tailored escape, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated before your next journey.

Travel comes with its challenges, and at Encalm Spa, we understand the importance of providing a sanctuary amid the demands of your journey. Step into our haven, where you can unwind, recharge, and immerse yourself in tranquillity, right in the heart of your travel experience.


Step into the world of Encalm Spa, where we believe in not just pampering, but in the art of transforming your well-being. Explore the enriching benefits that our spa therapy brings to your mind, body, and spirit:

  1. Expert massage therapists – : Entrust your relaxation journey to our team of skilled and experienced massage therapists. Trained in the art of massage, they are well-versed in addressing the unique needs of travellers and possess the expertise to customise each session, ensuring you receive the utmost care and attention for a truly indulgent experience. Relieve tension from long flights, soothe travel-weary muscles, and experience rejuvenation tailored to the demands of airport life!
  2. Efficient stress relief – Airport travel can be stressful. Encalm Spa provides effective stress relief through targeted therapies, allowing you to let go of travel-related tensions and embrace a serene state of mind before continuing your journey.
  3. Revitalise with quick therapies – Short on time? Our airport spa caters to travellers with therapies designed to provide instant relaxation. From quick massages to relaxing pedicures, indulge in a brief escape that recharges your energy.
  4. Travel-friendly pampering – : Our spa understands the needs of travellers, offering treatments that cater to on-the-go lifestyles. Enjoy treatments designed for easy post-spa transition, ensuring you're airport-ready and relaxed.
  5. Convenient location-Located within the Domestic and International Departures of Delhi Airport, Encalm Spa offers a convenient way to make the most of your layovers or waiting time. Experience a mini vacation without leaving the terminal, ensuring you board your next flight feeling refreshed.
  6. A serene environment - Immerse yourself in a tranquil oasis carefully designed to enhance your overall spa experience. From soothing music to calming decor, every element is curated to transport you to a state of serenity from the moment you step through our doors.



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