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Yes, flying is the easiest way to travel. But it's not for everyone!

On what is supposed to be a relaxing journey, elderly travelers are faced with long queues and tiring walks accompanied by the hassle of checking in hours in advance and handling their luggage. This is where Atithya, the premium Meet and Assist service by Encalm, comes in! With a range of services to cater to senior citizens at the airport, Atithya is redefining the airport experience for elderly travelers.

Here are six ways in which Atithya can help make their next journey comfortable:

  1. Airport assistance: Elderly parents traveling alone? As part of the Atithya service, we assign an executive that assists guests from the moment they reach the airport until they board the flight. This personal service will make elderly travelers feel more comfortable when traveling by themselves!
  2. Porter service: Overpacked for a holiday far from home? Don't worry, because our helpful porters will carry the load for the guests! With their luggage in safe hands, your loved ones can relax and focus on enjoying the journey ahead.
  3. Wheelchair assistance: We're here to provide wheelchair assistance for senior citizens and any other guests who may need help navigating the airport.
  4. Buggy service: Last-minute change of the boarding gate? Don’t worry, our buggy will cruise through the crowds and help guests reach their boarding gate safely, and in time!
  5. Encalm Lounge: The Encalm Lounge is the perfect place to be when elderly travelers need a break from an eventful day at the airport. With its comfortable seating, smiling staff, and delicious food and drink selection – they'll feel relaxed in no time!
  6. Travel Buddy service: If you’re not able to travel with your loved ones, we’ve got something for you. Say hello to the Travel Buddy service by Atithya! This door-to-door service is created especially keeping in mind the needs of single travelers. Beginning with a pick-up from the preferred location, the Travel Buddy will help during check-in and through security and immigration if required. The best part about this service? It doesn’t end at the boarding gate! The Travel Buddy will accompany your loved ones on the flight, lead them safely out of the airport and drop them at the desired destination.

“Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.” – Mark Twain

Don’t let age get in the way of creating new memories! For bookings and more information about how Atithya can provide a delightful experience at the airport for your loved ones, call us at +91 9289366950 or visit https://www.encalm.com/atithya.